Saturday, April 19, 2008

Dr. Steve's Doctored Cards #7

The treasure trove given to me by Dr. Steve really begins to hit its stride, artistically speaking, with today's card.

1991 Fleer #556 Storm Davis

While the National Weather Service may take issue with the anthropomorphicization of a thunderhead, the work done to this card remains brilliant. Here we encounter the first instance of the use of color in these masterpieces. (Lightning, we learn, is yellow, contrary to what our eyes tell us.) The symbolism in this piece is particularly striking. Whereas Davis went 19-7 during the previous season, his last with the Oakland A's, his 1990 stats failed to meet even the .500 breaking point. "What was it," we are asked by these confident ball-point pen strokes," that accounted for so much rain on Storm Davis' parade?

Magnanimous indeed.

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