Thursday, April 24, 2008

Dr. Steve's Doctored Cards #8

Back during the Card-vent Calendar, you got a little taste of the coolest babysitter of all time, Chad Mack, who had given me my first card from 1980 or earlier. It's now time to add more to the legend.

The year: 1987. The Brewers were in the middle of their miracle 13-game winning streak to open the season. My parents wanted to get away from their three kids. Chad Mack was summoned on the Mack-Phone.
At some point during the night, talk turned to baseball. Chad told a story that made my jaw hit the floor. He claimed that a friend of his was sitting in the center field bleachers at County Stadium. Rob Deer had just come up to bat. A frozen rope to dead center clears the fence, and Chad Mack's friend gets hit in the chest with the home run ball, only to have someone else pick it up off the beer-soaked cement.

Even at my early age, I had a pretty well-honed B.S. detector. I didn't completely swallow his story whole, but there was just enough of me that longed to believe it was true that I went along with it. What if it were true? Would Rob Deer have compensated this fan for his misfortune? Were there ushers involved? Could you see the stitch marks in the welt? More questions come to mind with this fantastic card.

1989 Topps #364 Rob Deer

There are dozens of T206 Honus Wagner cards in existence, but only one of these

To quote Jeffrey in Blue Velvet: "It's a strange world."

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