Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Other Jose Canseco Book

Last year I wrote about a great treasure that was just going to be thrown away from my school's library. Roberto Clemente was not the only one rescued, but for some reason I've never shared any more of this haul. Recent events have inspired me to correct this oversight. I humbly present...

One event in my card collecting life I distinctly remember was going to my local card shop and purchasing this 1989 Fleer card. This thing was so special that it was in the display case, alongside the likes of a Rickey Henderson rookie card and a few oversized basketball cards that absolutely blew my mind.

This book's author is one Nathan Aaseng. Written for a fifth grade reading level, this book is surprisingly hard-hitting. Let's check out Chapter 1: "Too Good to Believe?"

It absolutely amazes me that the word "steroids" appears on the very first page. Books like these are usually hero-worship puff pieces, but Canseco's reputation is brought into question barely 100 words into the text. I can't believe that a 2007 children's book on, say, Tom Brady, would bring up the abandonment of his pregnant girlfriend, yet Canseco is slammed time and time again here.

Here's some more on the second full page.

Wait, did that say what I thought it said? Let's take a closer look.

Yeah, I guess it did. Makes me wonder if this book would have been banned in the school library of my youth.

Some random card info gets inserted periodically in this book. The 1989 Topps card seen here is now practically worthless.

The famous Rated Rookie card from '86 hasn't suffered quite the same fate, but if you have a spare Abe Lincoln in your pocket, it could probably be yours, and you'd even have enough left over for something from Taco Bell's .79, .89, .99, Aye-aye-aye menu.

The rest of the book chronicles Jose's rise to fame, all the way up to Oakland's 1989 World Series victory. Not a bad read. I'm glad I rescued it from the incinerator. Now I'm off to see my Brewers try to sweep the Giants, my first game of the season. Excellent.


Anonymous said...

Tom Brady has not done any such thing. Watch it. Defamation of Character is a serious offense!

Wax Heaven said...

I remember stealing....err, I mean borrowing that book from my school library.

Andy said...

Yeah, actually your comment about Brady also struck me as irresponsible. That's what has been documented according to Moynahan herself.