Monday, May 5, 2008

Americana: You Dirty Rat!

According to my sources, Cagney never actually spoke the above line, the one he is probably most famous for. I don't have too much to say about this card, so I'll shut up so you can all bask in its glory. (Those of you who wish are welcome to bow your heads.)

2007 Donruss Americana #HL-15 James Cagney Hollywood Legends Personally-Worn Coat Relic (010/350)

The presence of this card was what made my personal box break of Americana so frustrating. When a card like this is available, it's depressing to pull a Martin Klebba autograph, or some of the other junk that's in this set. With one hit per pack, my expectations were a little higher. At least I didn't get a Melissa Jo Hunter auto.

This makes me wonder what would happen if Beckett did an Americana opening on Box Busters. Here are my hypothetical big pulls:
A. JFK Poop-Stained Boxers Swatch (Cuban Missile Crisis)
B. J.D. Salinger Tri-Fold Lost Manuscript (Redemption Card)
C. Dual Signature George Armstrong Custer/Sitting Bull (1/1)
D. Jesus Christ Autographed Wine Cask Chunk (From Wedding at Cana) (Numbered 2/5)

That's right, folks, those boxes "aren't" specially pulled for Beckett.


dayf said...


Wow.... just... (bows head)

Oh, and the laughs from your customized box break damn near woke up the house. Thanks for that.

I'm holding out for the JFK/Marilyn dual soiled undies card meself.

Gellman said...

You forgot all about the "Authentic Sinai Used" Ten Commandments Chunk from Moses - numbered to 36, of course.

NMboxer said...

I had to read this post to family members so they would know why I love baseball card blogs. I think it worked.

PS Don't forget the Mammoth Rib Juice Stained Tiger Skin shirt swatch from Fred Flintstone.

William said...
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William said...

You've forgotten about the grandaddy of all pulls: the God Event-Used Cosmos Matter card serial-numbered λ/λ. It's a redemption.