Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Dr. Steve's Doctored Cards #9

Although Diamond Kings had not yet worked their way from the base set into inserts by this time, Dr. Steve was able to acquire one of the hardest-to-get Kings of baseball back in 1991. In Fleer.

1991 Fleer #126 Eric King

His name is King. He has a crown.

That said, here is a list of my top 3 fictional kings of all time.
3. King Harley Race: The combination of curly blond hair and wrinkles confused me as a WWF-addicted child.
2. King Richard the Lionheart (as depicted in the Disney version of Robin Hood): Yes, I realize the character was based on a real person, but when he makes his triumphant return at the end of the film and sentences Prince John (The Phony King of England) and Sir Hiss to manual labor and makes them wear prison stripes (ever Sir Hiss and his outfit that barely amounts to a sleeve), it's pure cinematic joy. I may be overselling the film a bit, but I recognize it as one of the best pre-Little Mermaid Disney films made. Before this commercial resurrection, the feature at the top of my list is Dumbo.
1. King Friday: Fred Rogers' vocal stylings with this character were nothing less than stellar.

For all of the families reading this blog, here's a coloring sheet. Print this out so you can keep the kids out of your hair while you're cooking dinner.

You're welcome.

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Tony Brown said...

Can I nominate The King of Cartoons for honorable mention?