Saturday, May 10, 2008

Pack Alert: 2008 Topps Indiana Jones

I picked these up today for several reasons. First of all, I have been fighting the urge to buy a box of Indiana Jones Topps Heritage. I think these couple of packs will satisfy that urge for about $40 less. Besides, you can probably pick up a base set for real cheap, if not now, then in the near future. I also bought these cards because I'm scaling back on 2008 releases. I'm finding it more fun to try to complete near-master sets of some 2007 releases.

In any case, I like that the wrapper is horizontally- arranged. This will hopefully mean the cards will be true to the upcoming film's 1.85:1 or 2.35:1 aspect ratio. Am I worried about learning some spoilers from these cards? Not really. If "totally freaking awesome" is a spoiler, then I might be guilty of such. If you want to "go in fresh" like George Costanza, then stop reading here.

Let's tear in.

You throw me the idol, I'll give you the whip.

Top to Bottom:
10 General Ross (White guy, friend of Indy, but no Marcus Brody.)
2 Indiana Jones (Kind of like getting the franchise player right off the bat. Sweet.)

20 Aiming for Action
Foil Card 1 of 10 (This card reveals nothing, but looks great. I fully endorse Shia LeBeouf as being worthy. His presence makes films better on as many levels that Hayden Christensen's does not.)

7 Harold "Ox" Oxley (John Hurt...excellent. This card reminds me of the good choice I made a few years ago by buying the DVD 1984 before it went out of print.)

25 Welcome to Doom Town (Indy, you are now in the 1950s. Yikes!)

41 Within Cahuchilla Cemetery

Grade: B+
Pretty good pack, got an insert (1:6), but I was woefully wrong on the card format. Topps lost an opportunity there. I guess I was spoiled by those Star Wars Widevision cards back in the late 1990s. By the way, have pocket sheets ever been made for those card sets? The best I can find is a 4-pocket sheet that allows for a lot of slippage.
These cards will whet my appetite until the real thing hits screens on May 22. I'll probably bust another pack on A Pack A Day later this weekend.


matt said...

There are in fact sheets for the widevision cards. My fiancee is a big Star Wars collector and she stumbled into them at a dealer's table at a flea market

William said...

When you said about "going in fresh," I think you were referring to Frank Costanza. During the episode where the Rosses and Costanzas met for dinner, George and Mr. Ross start talking about the movie "Firestorm," which Mr. Ross refers to as a "hell of a picture." When they keep discussing it, Frank gets agitated and Mr. Ross says that what they're talking about doesn't have anything to do with the plot, and Frank yells "STILL! STILL! I like to go in fresh!"

CL said...

William... that's just sad.