Monday, May 12, 2008

What is Ryan Braun Staring At?

Check out this post-game report from last night's 8-3 victory over the Cardinals.

Part of me wants to think he was just watching highlights from his last two games (which includes four home runs within the span of six at-bats), but such self-aggrandizement is not his style at all. Another part of me wants it to be something more bizarre.

Sausage race replays?

The true face of God?

Actually, it's probably a JumboTron-displayed episode of Mama's Family, typical claptrap the local stations used to put on whenever the Brewers used to get rained out at home. Nevermore.

Oh, and to make it clear, Braun had already been interviewed, with Cameron's taking place a few minutes later, so he's definitely not waiting in line.

I'd like to hear other speculations here.


tastelikedirt said...

Looks like the acid is kicking in.

Larry said...

He's looking at that dude in the beer slide.

White Sox Cards said...

He's probably watching the fans leave their seats after the game. Mass migration is an interesting phenomenon to watch.

William said...

He was thinking "Fielder was right - I do look like Brendan Fraser."

Tony Brown said...

I heard he has a thing for that on-field reporter. He's just waiting around for a special off the record interview. I'm serious about this. Check it out next time he is interviewed- Chemistry.