Tuesday, June 3, 2008

2008 Brewers Topps Scoreboard

I really dropped the ball about twenty times or so last year. My beloved Milwaukee Brewers got into bed with Topps and designed up some awesome baseball card art that was used to introduce the players on the scoreboard. Normal games used the "black-background-with-16-squares" design of 2007 Topps, but on Retro Fridays each starter was grafted onto a 1982 Topps template, a highly anachronistic act that looked awesome. Unfortunately, I never thought to bring a camera to nay of these games. This past Sunday, I sought redemption.
Batting sixth, third baseman, Russell Branyan

Yeah, I don't think he has a 2008 Topps base set card yet, and I highly doubt it will look like this, but it's still pretty neat. Sorry I wasn't able to get pics of any of the stars at the top of the order, but this graphic is only used during the starters' first at bat, and I've not really been able to make it into the game until the first inning has already ended. Intoxicating libations and such.

Here's catcher Mike Rivera. Yeah, we benched several of our regulars on Sunday and then went ahead and beat Houston 10-1.

All of these graphics come with space-age motion graphics. Here is a Craig Counsell video.

And here's Dave Bush, who has somehow strung a couple of good outings together. Not as good as the Counsell video.

I will try harder to get some of the real sluggers up here. If your "local nine" includes a similar introduction graphic, let me know. I'd love seeing what Topps puts together around the league.


tastelikedirt said...

I will go to the A's game tomorrow and pay special attention to the scoreboard. I remember the 2007 topps graphics last year. Don't recall fancy ones this year/ I do remember early in the year last year the Yankees had fancy topps graphics and the A's had plain boring ones. In our own park!

Anonymous said...

I know Coors Field was/is doing the same for player intros this year. I can't remember them doing it in the past, but it's pretty snazzy.

tastelikedirt said...

I went, and noticed two different styles of cards up there. I'll try to upload a couple photos. They are stills, no fancy moving graphics.

tastelikedirt said...

I put together a A's scoreboard report at tastelikedirt baseball cuz I don't know if you can post photos in the comments section and the people need to know.