Sunday, June 1, 2008

Dr. Steve's Doctored Cards #12

We reach into the vault again for another one of Dr. Steve's elixirs.

1991 Topps #467 Dennis Cook

I've got really nothing to say about this card at such a late hour. The attempt at texture in the baker's hat in kind of endearing, but I'm feeling that this one was just phoned in. Dr. Steve must have been lost on a Mayan excursion when this piece was crafted.

Let's open up the floor, then, to another related topic.
Best Famous Chef. Here are my top 3:
3. Gordon Ramsay -- That show of his is a guilty pleasure of mine. How can you not just sit there and watch someone get cursed up and down like that? It's utterly fascinating to see people take that kind of abuse without it being mandated by the U.S. military. Viet Cong = Risotto.

2. Swedish Chef -- Excellent chef...not such a great projectionist.

1. Chef Brockett -- I had a roommate in college who was from Pittsburgh, and Don Brockett lived on her family's block. Personally, I was always a little scared of Chef Brockett. His presence on the show exposed a hint of the shady underbelly of Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood. Sure, there may have been a trolley, a rocking chair factory, and a correspondence school specifically designed for owls, but hey, you always felt that it wasn't entirely outside of the realm of possibility that the guy that runs the bakery may have done a stretch of hard time for stabbing his live-in girlfriend. Didn't King Friday sign the Neighborhood of Make Believe Work Release Act of 1974?

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