Thursday, June 5, 2008

My Secret Shame #3: Smiles

Another day, another page from the beloved sticker album. Today's post showcases my tendency to take things to their literal extreme. As an adult, it sometimes becomes apparent to me that I missed out on some of the self-consciousness that only an older brother could help provide. You know, someone to slap me on the back of my head and proclaim, "Dude, it's a fucking sticker can put anything on any page you want."

But little Thorzul was having none of that. Let's take a closer look at the goods.

First, another Garbage Pail Kid. I have no idea which series this is from, but there's a pretty good idea behind it.

More from the pain department. I was probably in the top 1% of kids in shot-taking ability, with real low numbers in the wincing department. The jury's still out on which of the two is scarier, however: Allergy injections, or clowns.

This one, which actually appears twice on the page, is my current favorite, I remember having an entire sheet of these. They would come in handy now in my career as a third grade teacher. These would be perfect for the papers from kids who have been completely half-assing it since Easter or so. Not exactly horrible, but nothing to make anyone proud. Believe me, that covers about 90% of the homework I see these days. Six days of school left, followed by two straight days of Brewers/Twins games. The end is in sight!

Finally, we can surmise that red smile has a thing for blue smile. Not sure what the age of consent is in Stickerville, but this looks like an inappropriate relationship in the making.

Anyways, there you have it. Several more pages await anyone smart enough to be reading this blog.


dayf said...

cross eyed fro clown shall haunt my dreams....

--David said...

Clowns, for sure. These posts are hilarious, especially at 2 in the morning... If I didn't know any better, I'd say there was something going on in the 'background' between red and blue, but blue is too wasted to really know....