Friday, June 20, 2008


This will be my last blog post for a long time, as I am venturing deep into the northern Minnesota wilderness for about a week. I may encounter some feral Twins fans there, but there should be enough Brewer supporters with me to fend off any violent attacks. If I don't return to Milwaukee un-unscathed (or would that be scathed?), I would like to leave the world with a sense of purpose...accomplishment.

Therefore, dear readers, I have an assignment for all of you. I have recently discovered the best word in the world. By my best estimate I'd say that it comes out of my mouth every other sentence or so by now. The word is this:


What does it mean? To give you the short version, it's a tri-multaneous bodily function. In other words, it's when you pee, poop, and vomit at the same time. In the interest of good taste, I will stop talking about what it means now, choosing instead to delve into the nature of this word itself.

Pronunciation: Take the word "pupil" and leave off the second syllable. That's how it should sound. Try it with me. Pyewp. Isn't it fun?

Preponderance: I want to get this word spread across this great land of ours. Use in in your blogs, people. It can be used as an interjection of disappointment: "Pyewp! The Brewers blew a late lead again!" Basically, I want to live in a world where many more than 229 Google hits come up when you search for the term.

Long-term goal: The word "pyewp" is used on a network sitcom or in a major metropolitan newspaper within the next three months.

Together, let us expand the American lexicon.


Ryan said...

To the Toll Attendant, "Hurry up lady, lift the gate, I gotta pyewp!!"

tastelikedirt said...

"Pyewp! That ball is outta here"!

dayf said...

Good luck up there in Twin country... I'll be sure to spread the pyewp.