Friday, June 6, 2008

This Summer's Next Great Beer: Point Nude Beach Summer Wheat

Some friends of mine helped me discover this great new beer, Nude Beach Summer Wheat from Stevens Point Brewery.

We Wisconsin residents are in for a real treat this summer. If you're too far away, I'll try to describe it for you. Think about the taste of Leinie's Sunset Wheat. Then imagine it tasting a little more like beer should taste. That's what we have on our hands, people. Plus the packaging art kicks ass. If I'm not on a beach somewhere this summer, nude, drinking this, then my plans took a wrong turn in a major way.


Anonymous said...

I have found an error card in topps series 2 #491 Cliff Floyd their is no dot around the #

Amy/MJ said...

wow, i love sunset wheat, but it IS a little too fruit loopy. i am going to try to find this stuff today. thanks!