Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Brewers Have a What in Their What?!?!

Not too long ago, I was watching the post-game stuff after a Brewers victory over the Giants. CC Sabathia had just pitched another gem, and spirits were high. Listen carefully to what former Brewer-turned-Fox Sports broadcaster had to say about the team.

How, exactly, does one get a "pimp in their step?" It sounds painful to me, not to mention dangerous. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that most local school boards have taken steps to outlaw that sort of thing when on school grounds.

Can anybody fill me on on what exactly this means? And was it sanctioned by the express written consent of Major League Baseball? Methinks not!

Speaking of which, check this out.


tastelikedirt said...

If the grown up adults on Fox Sports refer to Manny Rameriez as "Man Ram", and say it with a straight face, don't bust out laughing, or turn red from embarrasment then I guess "Pimp in there Step" was bound to happen. Why not, The Brewers beat the Giants, like a Pimp beats his Ho's".

--David said...

The permission slip is GREAT! That needs to be framed... I may try that with an Indians game.. LOL

The closest I could get to "pimp in your step" was this: or this:

Laurens said...

Pimp in their step - if concerned Milwaukee Brewers fans are really in the dark and/or just mocking what [Jeff Cirillo?] said, he just means they have more 'swagger.'

If he'd only said 'swagger,' the rest of America would have breathed a sigh of relief over an awkward 'Stuart Scottian' reference from a guy with a lighter skin pigmentation, than you would not assume to say such things.

From the video, I assumed the guy to Cirillo's left would have uttered the phrase.

Andy said...

Who are the two guys?

Dubbs said...

Thanks Jeff for your insight. What a tasty morsel of baseball information.