Friday, July 18, 2008

CC Sabathia: Hitting Machine

Why do people buy vacuum cleaners? The answer is simple. People buy vacuum cleaners so their carpet stays clean.
But what if your vacuum cleaner did your taxes? What if it walked your dog, too? What if it even had an attachment that had the ability to scale a ladder and clean out all the leaves and shit from your gutters?

Introducing Carsten Charles Sabathia, the vacuum cleaner that does your taxes.
2005 Donruss Prestige Prestigious Pros Red Parallel #PP-52 (572/700)

The Brewers got this guy for one reason: To get guys out.
The added bonus is his bat. In his eight at bats at the time of publishing, he is batting .250 (2-8), has a solo home run, and has a hit with a run scored. If he was a little more limber, Craig Counsell would have to look over his shoulder.

The card dealers in Milwaukee scoured their inventory, cracked open a few new top loaders, and jacked up the price on their Sabathia cards.
Actually, not all of them. The card pictured was something I pulled from a 25-cent box last weekend. That's really what makes card shows so much fun. The mountain of product out there is impossibly immense, and you never know what you're going to find.
Go Brewers.

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Kevin said...

As a proud fantasy owner of CC, I couldn't be happier with this trade. Now he's pitching for a team that, you know, SCORES RUNS FOR HIM.