Thursday, July 17, 2008

Deez Nuts II

Unfortunately, my lack of a camera right now prevents me from sharing the All-Star Silliness I promised yesterday. After the woman comes back from her country music festival (Retch!) I will able to entertain you all with something from Tuesday's game.
I do, however, have an interesting item to share. This was the champion purchase from today's grocery run. Fortunately, these were able to scan rather well.

Don't you love it the way a community can rally around a team? It's even better when the local grocers get in on the deal. Sure, this bag was probably $0.20 more per pound, and I'll be picking that skin shit out of my teeth for three days, but it's worth it for a post.

While we're at it, let's take a ride on the Wayback Machine to take a look at one of my earliest posts, one that also shoved a healthy portion of nuts in your face.

Speaking of which, this reminds me of a funny story I need to share with you. This was told to me by my best friend. A few years ago he was dating a woman from Colombia (the country in South America, not the university.) The two of them had attended a Robert Plant concert of some sort. (Jimmy Page might have been there, I'm not sure.) Anyways, during the show the girlfriend leans over to my friend and makes a remark about the tightness of Robert Plant's pants: "You can see his portion!"

Best quote ever!


madding said...

You can get Mariners peanuts here in Portland and I think they're the same brand. If I recall, they used to sell Giants and Athletics ones at Safeway as well, even though the Bay Area is probably a good 12 hour drive from here. I actually buy those peanuts, because they're better than Safeway brand and they stopped carrying the brand I like.

dayf said...

We've got Braves peanuts down here, but I get the Tabasco flavored ones. I've also seen Braves sunflower seeds in a little plastic bat too.

My mom went to a Rolling Stones concert in the late 70s and her friend brought a camera. The photo she took of Mick Jagger in hot pants has an extra portion of stones.