Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Trade Me Your Brewers: Trade #1

This week began with a little mini-vacation, a camping trip that graced us with three days of beautiful sunshine and one evening of light rain. Before I left, however, I received the first of my Trade Me Your Brewers trades in the mail. The first to send was Rob of Rangers Cards. He enjoys the distinct advantage of adding to my collection before anyone else does, thereby getting the first crack at giving me a new card. On the other hand, there might be others lurking out there who will base their trade on information that is not yet released. Let's see what we've got and how many points Rob can garner.

2007 Topps Red Letter Backs #458 J.J. Hardy, #128 Damian Miller +2
Rob correctly gambled that I didn't collect any of the red backs from last year's set, despite having the entire base set. Nice job. It occurred to me that in no way do I miss Damian Miller. Nor do I miss Johnny Estrada. Both of their replacements, Jason Kendall and Mike Rivera, have played up to expectations this season.

1981 Fleer #515 Paul Molitor +1
Molly, right in the prime of his career, looks good here in powder blue.

1982 O-Pee-Chee #44 Rollie Fingers in Action/Au Jeu +1
Looks like he's warming up in Oakland on this card. The what-ifs with this man make my head hurt. What if he wasn't hurt at the end of the 1982 season? I'll curl up into a ball contemplating this while you folks can read ahead.

1982 O-Pee-Chee #12 Moose Haas, #308 Charlie Moore, and #378 Mike Caldwell +3
Nice pitcher-catcher-pitcher triumverate here. Although of the two hurlers, Caldwell looks more like a lanceur than Haas. I think it's the blue glove.

1982 O-Pee-Chee #207 Jim Gantner, #150 Ted Simmons, and #132 Pete Vuckovich +3
More Canadian goodness here. I believe that at some point in the future Ted Simmons will manage the Brewers. Time will tell.

2007 Topps Moments and Milestones #58 Prince Fielder (150/150) +4
The first big score emerges with a serial-numbered card. This is the first M&M card I've ever owned. It looks nice, but I've stayed away since other bloggers have complained about the confusing and somewhat pointless nature of the set.

2005 Fleer Showcase #16 Lyle Overbay +1
With Overbay gone, the only thing I miss is the "OOOOOOOOOO" chant when he came to bat.

2005 Fleer Patchworks #39 Lyle Overbay +1
Getting limber.

1984 Topps #60 Paul Molitor +1
Anybody have any of the proof cards from this set? I have Yount's. They were made slightly larger and the corner picture is a little differently framed.

2004 Touchstone Pictures Bernie Mac Mr. 3000 +1
Great card, terrible movie.

2006 Upper Deck #683 Matt Wise, #688 Justin Lehr, and #682 Jeff Cirillo +3
Let's see...I saw Wise hit a Cincinnati guy in the face last summer at Great American Ballpark, I have no recollection of Lehr whatsoever, and it looks like the polite, handsome Jeff Cirillo is quaintly asking permission to walk with a pimp in his step.

2005 Donruss Leather & Lumber #25 Carlos Lee +1
This card makes me wonder whatever became of the stadium ring animated scoreboard thing the Brewers ad men designed shortly before Lee was traded to the Rangers. It featured a charging horse and Lee's nickname, El Caballo. I'm sure there's a laptop sitting somewhere in Miller Park with the code still just sitting there, waiting to be discovered.

2002 Upper Deck Sweet Spot #49 Ben Sheets +1
Was last night the last time the Brewers come up short in back-to-back Sabathia/Sheets starts? Let's hope so.

2005 Fleer Patchworks #62 Ben Sheets +1
This card rounds out a perfect lot in which no dupes were sent.

Let's check the final tally. Twenty cards new to me account for 20 points, with the Fielder card earning a 3-point bonus. This brings the total for this trade up to 23. Excellent work, Rob, you've set the bar high! Trading is far from finished, and if you think you can beat Rob's score, drop me an e-mail.

1. 23 pts: Rob from Rangers Cards


Dubbs said...

I agree with your comment on Ted Simmons - it is my opinion, should the Crew miss the playoffs this year, that Ted Simmons will be the new Manager of the Milwaukee Brewers in 2009. He is one of the best minds in baseball, and I truly believe any credit given to Yost so far this summer is actually a product of Simmons' dugout genius.

Spiff said...

Glad you could use the cards. Thanks for the kind comments and the score.

Dan said...

Might want to check your count - I'm coming up with 24.

madding said...

Yikes... first trader and I'm already out of the running. I blame the Mets. For some reason most of the serial numbered cards I pull are Mets cards... definitely no Brewers.