Thursday, July 31, 2008

Trade Me Your Brewers: Trade #2

Since I had stopped my mail during my vacation, I received a whole bunch of packaged trades at once. To be fair, I'm opening, posting, and scoring these in the order they were postmarked. The first one happened to come from David from Tribe Cards. Let's see how badly he wants the grand prize.

1971 Topps #433 Skip Lockwood and #456 Bob Meyer +2
This set's design to me has always looked like a sci-fi paperback book cover, the kind you find at Half-Price Books that are so old and undervalued that you end up paying 20 cents for it. Although Meyer looks like a 1990 Heads Up, lacking a neck and such.

1982 Topps K-Mart #40 Rollie Fingers +1
Think of the fun these would be today if Topps granted K-Mart a single one of its licenses. We're getting back into this on a small scale with the Target-only and Wal-Mart-only inserts from blasters, but a small, 44-card set each year would be nice.

2007 Topps Opening Day #DS8 Derrick Turnbow Diamond Stars +0
Sorry, but I collected this whole set last year to completion. That includes this subset and the puzzle, which fit so piss-poor into 9-pocket sheets I could just spit. The mascots made me do it.

1983 Topps #36 Rollie Fingers Super Veteran +0
This was posted on A Pack a Day on 1/17/08.

2008 Upper Deck Spectrum #52 Prince Fielder +1
The only Brewer I didn't pull from my blaster. Nice work!

2005 Upper Deck Fly Ball #83 Carlos Lee +1
Carlos Lee has a son named Karlos and a brother named Carlos.

2004 Upper Deck Power Up #34 Geoff Jenkins +1
This card is a mess. An awesome mess, but there's a lot going on. There's a code, some lime green ink, a logo that looks like it belongs on the side of an energy bar box, and the impossible-to-miss giant head. Oh, and there's a number 10 in the corner for no reason (not his jersey number).

2007 Goudey #109 Green and 109 Red Bill Hall +2
Click on the scans and stare intently at both images simultaneously for a View Master effect. Yeah, that probably won't work.

1980 Topps #711 Bob Galasso +1
This project is introducing me to Brewers I've never heard of before. Sure, I owned one of those Surf card books that showcased every Topps Brewers card from the team's inception until 1986, but this guy escaped my memory.

2002 Topps Post Cereal #23 Jeromy Burnitz +1
Perfect for Mmmmmm...Cards.

2007 Upper Deck First Edition #PC-PF Prince Fielder Pennant Chasers +1
Interesting insert card that shows Prince with sunglasses on. The schedule on the back is cool.

2002 Leaf Certified #138 Nick Neugebauer +1
This guy was supposed to be the future along with Sheets. Just like curly fries were supposed to completely replace regular fries.

1982 Topps #586 Rollie Fingers In Action +1
Now I've got both versions. Yes! (See yesterday's post.)

1971 Topps #415 Mike Hegan +1
I believe he had the honor of calling Juan Nieves' no-hitter on TV in 1987. Also owned an indoor batting cage entertainment complex in Milwaukee for a while.

2001 Royal Rookies #B7 Luis Martinez and #4 Jose Mieses +2
I love how a search for info on these guys pulls up really old scouting reports that feature pictures like this one of J.J. Hardy.

2001 Upper Deck Black Diamond #50 Geoff Jenkins +1
That's a lot of red on a card from a set called Black Diamond.

1978 Topps #51 Charlie Moore +1
Charlie's hat is a real rare find. Sure, you can get it here, but I'm willing to bet it just wouldn't feel like the real thing did back in the day. Oh, and I also recently got Charlie's 1982 blue variant bobblehead the other day, leaving me only two short for the whole set.

David's score adds up to 18 points. He was hurt by a few early doubles, but rebounded nicely. I will have fun picking out a nice assortment of Indians cards for him.

1. 23 pts: Rob from Rangers Cards
2. 18 pts: David from Tribe Cards

Editor's Note:
It was pointed out to us at Thorzul Will Rule that there was a miscalculation of the score earned by yesterday's contestant, Rob. The points do indeed add up to 24, but they have been held back to 23 because a recounting of the number of cards Rob sent had us arriving at a total of 21 cards. Therefore, Rob's lowest scoring card was thrown out (one of his 1-pointers), and only 20 of his cards counted towards the overall point total. This instance has nothing to do with voting irregularities in Palm Beach County, or the math question Canadians need to answer to enter sweepstakes, nor the occurrence of the showcase bidder whose bid is closer than $100 without going over winning both showcases. Thank you for reading.


Tony Brown said...

Curly fries have completely replaced regular fries at Arby's.
"I'm so hungry, I'd eat at Arby's."

Lauren A. said...

I can't decide if that Power Up card is horrible or completely amazing. The code looks like it could be the name of a Russian politician.