Friday, July 11, 2008

Yount Card of the Day #8

Yesterday's guest post reminded me that I've been ignoring one of the general purposes of this site for some time: Raise worldwide Robin Yount awareness. In some form or fashion, I have succeeded. My fiancee no longer pronounces his name in a way that would make it rhyme with "font." (I haven't been able to break my dad from saying "Kirby Plunkett," however. Some battles are just unwinnable.)

While adding some new cards to my Yount binders, I cam across one that I must have never taken a very close look at. Here it is in all its glory.

2004 Topps Bazooka One-Liners (Game-Used Bat) #BOL-RY

It's the quote on the front that really got my undies in a bind over this card. I'm very confused by it. Was Robin cast as an extra in Point Break without me knowing about it? As a known motorcyclist, did he join the circus and do one of those high wire acts just to get that extra adrenaline rush? I guess I just don't see baseball as a "living on the edge" sport. What other sport takes 17 breaks during a game? What other sport involves as much sitting down? Granted, I love the game, but I don't see the high degree of risk involved.

What was Robin talking about when he said "whatever"? Brushing your teeth? Spot welding? Fertilizing your lawn? Hauling a box of winter sweaters to the attic?
Hell, I believe the guy, I'm just not sure I understand him. For the rest of the day I will try to live on the edge. This doesn't mean, of course, that I'll be running onto the field during tonight's Brewers/Reds game. I guess I'll have to live on the edge during a round of parking lot bean-bag toss.

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