Wednesday, August 20, 2008

2001 Topps Archives Box

You may have read about my Willie Mays debacle over at A Pack a Day. While I have not yet taken steps to resolve the situation, I'd like to share some of the positive aspects of opening this box. Here are some of my favorites from the box.

Upon opening the box, we can see that there's a checklist, a love note from Topps, and two stacks of five packs.

Dig a little deeper and an autographed baseball is revealed. This is a nice little bonus from this product, but not really necessary. The ball is wrapped in a black plastic wrapper. Let's see who signed it.

Impossible to photograph under the given lighting conditions, the ball was has the autograph of Paul Blair on it. Blair was a long-time Oriole (who later had stints with the Yankees and Reds), two-time All-Star and eight-time Gold Glove winner.

Here are the cards, grouped for your reading pleasure.
Guys I Saw Play
1985 Kirby Puckett, 1975 Robin Yount, 1975 George Brett

Here are three of the young'ns of the set. The Puckett card was the most recently produced original card I pulled. The Yount I already have, but now I have the man whose career paralleled his own.

Guys Known Better By Other Names
1952 Orestes Minoso and 1962 John Powell

That's Minnie and Boog to you and me. Minoso's card comes from one of the 14 different decades in which he's played. As for Powell, maybe a reader can back me up on this. I remember a beer commercial (Miller Lite) that had a bunch of ex-players in it. One of the guys said something like, "I vote for me and Boog Powell!" Can anyone back me up on this? Maybe it was one of those commercials where a lot of masks were ripped off faces.

A little research found that the Boog Powell commercials were for Miller Lite.

Flat-Out Legends
1953 Satchell Paige, 1968 Johnny Bench, and 1955 Roberto Clemente

The Clemente is just one of the iconic cards of the hobby, and Paige gets his only Topps card. I love the Brownie on Paige's card. If I'm thinking of the right thing, it's a sort of Scottish folklore creature. Milwaukee used to have a character called "Billy the Brownie" who was sort of like a spy for Santa Claus. The Bench is also a chopped card.

Second Fiddles
1952 Dom DiMaggio and 1958 Roger Maris

"The Little Professor" had his big brother to look up to, while Maris stood in the shadow of another Yankee, Mickey Mantle, for most of his career.

Eventual 1957 Milwaukee Braves Champions
1952 Warren Spahn, 1952 Eddie Matthews, and 1952 Joe Adcock

The best baseball team Milwaukee has ever known.

1952 Al Schoendienst and 1960 Willie McCovey

"Red" would actually fit into the "Other Names" and "Future Braves" categories. And as always, "McCovey is off the table."


darkship said...

Great cards! Love the look. Where did you manage to get the box from?

P.S.- I'll trade you for the G. Brett!

dayf said...

Beautiful... nice relics too. Shame that your autograph was a redemption. I too would like to rip a box of this stuff.

Anonymous said...

Saw your post on APAD and picked up a box. Best fun in a while opening a box. This stuff is excellent! Got a Frank Howard ball, Whitey Ford Auto, Reggie Jersey, and Piersall Bat card. Thanks for the idea for a great box.


P.S. Were your cards "curled"?