Monday, August 18, 2008

CC Sabathia: Milwaukee Brewer

Tonight, Milwaukee residents can walk barefoot on their clean carpets before heading upstairs to bed, confident that their 2008 itemized deductions are all accounted for with receipts (eight months ahead of schedule to boot). If you don't know what I'm talking about, go back and read my first post about the Brewers' ace. In case you didn't know, he just pitched another complete game tonight and drove in two runs on a key two-out single.
Most of the time when I watch a baseball game, in all honesty I'm waiting for my team to come to bat. When CC is on the mound, however, it's just about as exciting as the Brewers going up to the plate. His strikeouts are authoritative. He makes batters hit soul-crushing pop-ups. Even when he puts a couple of guys on base, you just know he'll find a way to manufacture a double play.

The scans from this post are a couple of the Sabathia cards I've been able to find in the recesses of my collection. As far as I know (and I'm sure I'll be corrected if I'm wrong), CC doesn't have an official card in a Brewers uniform yet. I have seen that Topps has posted its 2008 U&H sell sheet, so I anticipate this coming to pass.
All of the hype surrounding his incredible presence as a member of this club has got me thinking: What is CC doing behind the scenes that the rest of the baseball world might not be aware of? A little research helped dig up these interesting facts.

-CC checks the pH of all cooler water at Miller Park, making sure it is safe for human consumption.
-If a light bulb in the left field wall scoreboard goes out, CC's the guy you go to in order to acquire a spare. He's very good about making sure they are wrapped in a blanket of foam and are clear of all "high-jostle" areas.
-He stitches the wheat graphic under the M's on all hats.
-Head of ticket sales.
-CC keeps a sketchbook beside his bed in order to faithfully record all of the creative mowing ideas he dreams up. These are shared with the head groundskeeper.
-Offseason: Spearheads successful and efficient team Secret Santa event.

I'll do some more digging and will hope to faithfully report back to you once we get back to the top of the rotation.


Dubbs said...

Watching the game tonight, and as I do every time C.C. takes the mound, I found myself biting my tongue over the words I shared against Doug Melvin early in the season on CBS Sportsline blogging...there hasn't been a more important acquisition in the league this season than Sabathia coming to Brew Town.

I have some Sabathia cards too, I'll put them up tomorrow.

Tony Brown said...

I received my CC Sabathia t-shirt jersey a few weeks ago. First brewers shirt I have ever purchased. I'll get a couple good months out of it. 52 baby. NL Cy Young winner. I see it.