Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The eBay Auctions From Hell

While searching for other things today, I came across this eBay auction. This seller is offering a 36-card lot featuring John Franco.

A little weird, but not entirely outside the realm of possibility that it will sell. There might be a hardcore Mets or Reds fan out there that just got started in card collecting and wants to build from the ground up.

Then I got curious. This seller has a feedback number over 3,000, so s/he must be doing something right. I was left wondering what else might be for sale.
And this is what I found.
The first page of card lots doesn't look so bad. Someone might want 36 Vince Coleman cards or 32 Lou Whitaker cards.

Then I clicked over to page 2. Rico Brogna, Ted Power, Bill Swift, Jose Uribe...?
This seller is obviously out of his mind. Nearly every card comes from a junk set that can be obtained for a little more than a win on just a handful of the auctions. The insertion fees alone are going to result in a net loss.

Yet, I am strangely comforted by the fact that I could become one of the world's foremost Gary Redus player collectors in one fell swoop. Capitalism at its finest.
I'll keep my fingers crossed I get the Mike LaCoss lot.


White Sox Cards said...

The 32 card lot of Bobby Thigpen would intice me, except for two factors. I only need one card from the lot and there are only 17 actual cards when you take the doubles away.

dayf said...

Seventeen card Mark Lemke lot!
With five rookies!

capewood said...

He's actually offering some players (including John Franco) that I'm interested in. But there are too many duplicates and most of the cards I already have. But there are some strange choices there.