Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Trade Me Your Brewers: Trade #11

There's no end in sight to the Brewers madness. This contest has really seemed to mirror the Brewers' winning streak. Let's hope they can keep on keepin' on in San Diego tonight. Another great big bunch of guys from Milwaukee came in from Patricia and Lucy, a great group of gals from New Mexico, owner/operators of Dinged Corners. Again, a mountain of cards arrived in my mailbox, so I chose 20 that I didn't already own to share with you here.

1989 Classic #136 Ted Higuera
Classic: Part card, part game, all awesome.

1989 Star #19 Curt Krippner
Kurt is shown pitching for the Beloit Brewers, which has since become the Snappers. I like this guy's name. It has a bit of a mischievous edge to it. If you and Kurt were 12 years old and lived in the same neighborhood and you asked your parents if you could sleep over at Curt Krippner's house, your request would be refused about 40 percent of the time.

2003 Leaf #191 Jeffrey Hammonds.
Free agent MEGA-BUST!

2003 Upper Deck Forty Man # 414 Jeffrey Hammonds and #435 Eric Young
I was confused by the name of this set until I thought about rosters. Please do not confuse Hammonds with a 40/40 man.

2006 Fleer #77 Geoff Jenkins and #71 Brady Clark
Good photography...the storm and the calm before it.

1994 Pinnacle #258 Matt Mieske
Tough player shown laying down a bunt.

2006 Fleer Ultra #35 Geoff Jenkins and 2007 Fleer Ultra #99 Ben Sheets
Jenkins was hit by 95 pitches during his Brewer career, and Ben Sheets used to have unruly hair.

1993 Fleer Ultra #218 Cal Eldred
Perhaps the second-most famous person named Cal with Milwaukee ties. He may fall short of Coo Coo Cal, a rapper whose biggest hit was called "My Projects."

2005 Topps #164 Wes Helms and #416 Chad Moeller
Chad has done at least two things Helms has not:
A. He won the World Series (Arizona-2001)
B. He hit for the cycle (4/27/04)
Chad is also rumored to have kissed a girl once.

2005 Fleer National Pastime #22 Ben Sheets
This card needs to be felt to truly appreciate it. It's a tactile smorgasbord.

2007 Bowman Heritage #61 Rickie Weeks and #BHP58 Jeremy Jeffress
Nice cards. I bought a couple of packs of this last year but didn't get any Brewers.

2005 Skybox Autographics #32 Lyle Overbay
Bested Yount in season doubles in 2004.

2006 Upper Deck #680 Dan Kolb and #1110 Zach Jackson
Zach bewildered MLB officials who asked him to comply with team uniform rules by repeatedly protesting, "I am wearing a Brewers hat. No, you don't understand...I am wearing a Brewers hat!"

1997 Fleer Ultra #81 Marc Newfield
I have no recollection of this player. I do however, have a haunting recollection of those uniforms. There are fans that still go to the games wearing those things, and I have no idea why.

Oh, and there were a few Mariners thrown in for no apparent reason.

Twenty new cards for me earns twenty points. Thanks for the cards, ladies!

1. 90 pts: Chris from Stale Gum
2. 72 pts: dayf from Cardboard Junkie
3. 42 pts: Cliff from Capewood's Collections
4. 30 pts: Dan from New York
5. 23 pts: Rob from Rangers Cards
5. 23 pts: Eric from Iowa
7. 20 pts: Patricia and Lucy from Dinged Corners
8. 19 pts: Kerry from Oregon
9. 18 pts: David from Tribe Cards
10. 17 pts: Paul from Pennsylvania
11. 14 pts: John from the UK


Dubbs said...

Mariners cards...perhaps because of the Pilots/Brewers link?

desert plume said...

Mr. Dubbs: Yes, that's why.
Signed Purposefully,
Dinged Corners

PS Well...actually...it's probably because of the darn 'M's in a stack compiled by an 8 year old and not closely checked by mama. :]

Dubbs said...

Understood...those pesky 8 year olds and their sorting abilities...

By the way Thorzul, Coo Coo Cal had some wicked rhymes. Love the music video...hooker boots, bikini, and fur coat, all worn by the same woman...in what appears to be either October or March in Wisconsin.

Did you catch the late-90's Brewers cap in the video?