Friday, August 15, 2008

Trade Me Your Brewers: Trade #14

These cards came from Bo in New York. Does Bo know Brewers goodness?

2001 Donruss #77 Jeromy Burnitz +1
Is the whole set so star-spangled?

2003 Donruss #315 Ruben Quevedo +0
I actually got this card in one of those random blisters. Check out this long-ago monkey business!

1979 Topps #243 Buck Martinez, #394 Randy Stein, #408 Charlie Moore, and #474 Dick Davis +2
Sorry, I already have the Moore and the Davis. Buck Matrinez makes up for this with enough chaw for everybody.

1980 Topps #668 Brewers Future Stars +1
The future must still be a long way off. These guys were almost cast for that scene in Animal House: "I'd like you to meet Mohammed, Sidney, Clayton, and Jugdish..."

1982 Topps #12 Moose Haas, #122 Jamie Easterly, and #308 Charlie Moore +3
The Canadian cousins of some of these cards came in the first trade. Nice strategy!

1983 Topps #424 Jerry Augustine +1
Jerry is the coach of the UW-Milwaukee baseball team.

1984 Topps #35 Don Sutton, #146 Ed Romero, #404 Ted Simmons, #505 Pete Vuckovich, #658 Jerry Augustine, #738 Bill Schroeder, and #751 Charlie Moore +7
I like the look on Bill Schroeder's face. He's annoyed, but still having fun.

2001 Topps #51 Mark Loretta +1
This set was one of the brief forays I attempted to make back into the hobby, but I never got this card.

2006 Topps #9 Damian Miller +1
Wisconsin native.

I feel bad, but Bo only gets 17 points. Sometimes, numbers do lie. Any trade with cards from the '70s is a good one.

1. 90 pts: Chris from Stale Gum
2. 72 pts: dayf from Cardboard Junkie
3. 42 pts: Cliff from Capewood's Collections
4. 30 pts: Dan from New York
5. 23 pts: Rob from Rangers Cards
5. 23 pts: Eric from Iowa
7. 20 pts: Patricia and Lucy from Dinged Corners
7. 20 pts: William from Virginia
7. 20 pts: Don from Arkansas
10. 19 pts: Kerry from Oregon
11. 18 pts: David from Tribe Cards
12. 17 pts: Paul from Pennsylvania
12. 17 pts: Bo from New York
14. 14 pts: John from the UK

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Dubbs said...

Okay, so the Jugdish remark got me...I'm still laughing. Good call on the good 'ol card.