Thursday, August 28, 2008

Trade Me Your Brewers: Trade #15

My mailbox has been looking pretty empty lately, but I've got another trade to post today. This comes from Amy is Pennsylvania. I've had a few people ask when the contest will end. Some people have agreed to trade but haven't sent anything yet. Because of this, I'm making next Friday, September 5, the cutoff date for trades reaching me. Anything received after that will not be a part of the contest. If anyone still wants in and thinks they can challenge the leaders, get in contact with me.
Now, here's what Amy sent.
2004 Topps Fan Favorites #135 Gorman Thomas +1
Another nice addition to this cool set.

1981 Topps #659 Brewers Future Stars +0
I completed the 1981 set not too long ago. Sorry.

2007 Bowman #BP15 Michael Brantley +0
Despite not buying this product, I have this card. Someone already sent me this as a throw-in part of a trade prior to this contest.

2002 Topps Total #MIL12 Paul Rigdon +1
I kind of remember the name. The back of the card states that Paul had "major elbow surgery" in 2001, but still said he had a "bright future." He actually never pitched another game.

2003 Leaf #191 Jeffrey Hammonds +0
Traded to me in Trade #11.

2004 Donruss #299 Wes Helms +1
A similar card was already traded to me, but it was serial numbered. This one is not.

2005 Topps Heritage #196 Geoff Jenkins +1
Easily my favorite card of this lot. If I was collecting when this set came out, I'd be a lot poorer right now.

2001 Donruss Classics #69 Geoff Jenkins +1
Another nice Jenkins card, very smooth and somewhat similar to stainless steel.

2004 Fleer Paltinum #169 Geoff Jenkins +0
Acquired in Trade #7.

2004 Flair #22 Scott Podsednik +1
This guy would have been good for the current squad down the stretch.

2005 Fleer Ultra #138 Junior Spivey +1
This set has huge numbers on the back. Plus the player's name looks what you see on the back of high school letter jackets. Pretty neat.

2002 Upper Deck MVP #158 Richie Sexson and #159 Geoff Jenkins +2
Hmmmm, I haven't checked in on Richie since he's been signed by the Yankees. Let's see...he hit a grand slam on August 5th, then was designated for assignment ten days later.

1984 Topps #35 Don Sutton, #630 Ted Simmons, and #718 Save Leaders +1
Man, it's tough to get in on this so late! Someone already traded me the Sutton, and I got the Fingers out of a pack of Hidden Treasures, of all places. The Simmons salvages the point.

2003 Upper Deck Forty Man #413 Richie Sexson +1
Ironic that Sexson is now on nobody's forty-man.

2004 Donruss Studio #110 Lyle Overbay +1
I hope Lyle enjoyed the boat trip he's on. That's the only vantage point from which this photo of the Milwaukee skyline is possible.

2004 Donruss #39 Alejandro Machado Rated Rookie +1
Quite a confusing card. He never actually played for the Brewers. He certainly got around a lot, but earned only five at bats in the majors, for Boston in 2005. Most interestingly Baseball Reference states he was drafted by the Twins (Rule 5) twice in the same day, once from Boston and again from Washington.

2008 Upper Deck Piece of History #54 Prince Fielder +1
Currently second in baseball in sac flies. That's what the fans clamor for...sac flies. Hey, at least they're not strike outs.

1995 Topps D3 #10 Cal Eldred and #49 Dave Nilsson +2
These are the first cards I've ever seen from this set, and I like them. It's an almost seamless blend of Sportflics and ViewMaster technology. Anybody know if this was a stand-alone set or an insert of some sort?

That's a nice group of cards, but this trade only earns 16 points and a bunch of Phillies.

1. 90 pts: Chris from Stale Gum
2. 72 pts: dayf from Cardboard Junkie
3. 42 pts: Cliff from Capewood's Collections
4. 30 pts: Dan from New York
5. 23 pts: Rob from Rangers Cards
5. 23 pts: Eric from Iowa
7. 20 pts: Patricia and Lucy from Dinged Corners
7. 20 pts: William from Virginia
7. 20 pts: Don from Arkansas
10. 19 pts: Kerry from Oregon
11. 18 pts: David from Tribe Cards
12. 17 pts: Paul from Pennsylvania
12. 17 pts: Bo from New York
14. 16 pts: Amy from Pennsylvania
15. 14 pts: John from the UK

The end is in sight, people!

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Chris Harris said...

Topps D3 was a stand-alone product that no one bought. So much so, that Topps initially planned two series of D3, but canceled the second after the first did so poorly.

It didn't help that Topps repeatedly delayed the product -- it was originally scheduled to be released in July of '95, but was pushed back until September.

It also didn't help that Topps priced D3 at $5/pack and that Pinnacle released a similar product (UC3) weeks earlier and at half the price.