Sunday, August 10, 2008

Trade Me Your Brewers: Trade #8

Today's trade comes in from Chris Harris of Stale Gum. If, for some reason, you are among the 0.0009% of internet users who operate in a standing position, please sit down before you read any further. If this was the pre-cable 1970s and if this blog employed a video format rather than text, you would not be able to see this on free network TV. No, you would have to go to your local arena and pay five bucks to see this on closed-circuit TV.

1982 Topps K-Mart #40 Rollie Fingers +0
No, the hype above isn't just a load of BS. This card was traded to me earlier. Bear in mind, this is the only misstep of the trade.

1979 Topps #474 Dick Davis +1 (-1)
This card, while great, violates this contest's guidelines. Chris actually sent 22 cards, so this one and the Fingers will not figure into the final tally.

1984 Donruss #170 Rick Manning +1
In Rick's final season as a Brewer, he was actually booed for driving in the game-winning run on August 26, 1987. Booed? Why? Well, in this extra-inning game a guy named Paul Molitor was in the on-deck circle with a 39-game hitting streak in the balance. Molitor never got that fifth at bat and the Brewers won 1-0 in ten innings.

2004 Donruss Classics #208 Rickie Weeks (0845/1000) +4
I'm very glad the Brewers don't have an alternate sleeveless uniform.

2004 Donruss Press Proof #296 Geoff Jenkins (075/100) +4
This card's back tells the tale of Geoff making the All-Star team in the final vote, just like Corey Hart did this year.

2004 Topps Gold #147 Wes Helms (0187/2004) +4
I remember a guy at a game a few years ago who reserved all of his spare hate for Wes Helms. Actually, I believe it was last year when he was on the Phillies. Life is too short to hate Wes Helms. Save it for a team or player more seethe-worthy.

2005 Bowman #96 Geoff Jenkins White Parallel (011/240) +4
Leroy Jenkins might be a more interesting card.

2005 Leaf Press Proof #108 Danny Kolb (64/75) +4
I remember Kolb as more of a Dan. The Dan/Danny dialectic is a delicate situation. Would you cheer for Dan Tartabull or Dan Manning? Would you see a Dan Glover movie? Would you get up early to watch "Wake Up San Francisco" if Dan Tanner was the host? I think I've answered my own question.

2006 Upper Deck Parallels o' Plenty: #682 Jeff Cirillo (217/299), #940 Chris Demaria (84/99), #982 Carlos Villanueva (88/99), #941 Jose Capellan (87/99), #940 Chris Demaria (381/399), and #964 Ben Hendrickson (308/399) +24
On Friday Villanueva was at State Fair signing autographs, but I wasn't prepared to stand in line in the hot sun. I wish I had gone Saturday instead, when Bill Hall and Manny Parra were signing.

2006 Bowman #134 Brady Clark (029/120) and BDP48 Carlos Villanueva (218/225) +8
When Clark played in Milwaukee a few years ago, Brady became a popular local baby name. Makes me wonder how many Princes will be born in 2008.

2006 Topps #231 Chris Capuano Black Printing Plate (1/1) +4
This is the first one of these I've gotten. Printing plates are probably the most legitimate 1/1 cards out there. This is more than I had ever imagined would be traded to me for this contest.

2004 Donruss Studio #HH-7 Paul Molitor Heroes of the Hall (Game-Used Bat) (020/100) +9
This card would look great next to my Yount Heroes of the Hall card. Unfortunately, Yount's binder is reserved for players who were a Brewer their entire career.

2006 Upper Deck #UD-RW Rickie Weeks UD Game Patch +6
Chris sent along a hand-written note (1/1 cut auto, sweet!) regarding the limited nature of this card. If someone somehow beats you out by a couple of points, you can throw out your challenge flag, Chris, but you lose a timeout.

2004 Upper Deck #MI-RW Rickie Weeks Matinee Idols +6
The design of this card makes it look like there are more in the series that will spell "Milwaukee" like a puzzle. Turns out it's just a happy coincidence.

2004 Fleer Tradition #DT-RS Richie Sexson Diamond Tributes +6
Richie is advertised as a Diamondback, but earns the points because he's wearing a Brewers hat.

2008 Upper Deck #98-BH Bill Hall Game-Used Jersey +6
I can imagine Chris' groan as he pulled this card. This looks like one of those one-per-blaster hits that only Milwaukee fans would enjoy. Let me be the first one to coin the phrase "2008: Year of the Irrelevant Pull." Personally, I am a big fan of this card.

If my math is right, that's 90 points. I think Bob Beamon just called, and he wants to know why Chris left everybody in the competition behind like that.

1. 90 pts: Chris from Stale Gum
2. 42 pts: Cliff from Capewood's Collections
3. 30 pts: Dan from New York
4. 23 pts: Rob from Rangers Cards
5. 19 pts: Kerry from Oregon
6. 18 pts: David from Tribe Cards
7. 17 pts: Paul from Pennsylvania
8. 14 pts: John from the UK


William said...

Chris Harris once again proves he is a god amongst mere mortals. Unless someone plays the Phillies to his 2007 Mets and narrowly bucks him out of the lead, it looks like the contest is his. I think the only way anyone could beat his score is if they mailed you Jim Gantner.

White Sox Cards said...

What the hell??!! Damn! That's a buttload of points!

capewood said...

I guess I concede. I was unwilling to send in so many relic cards (even if I had all those Brewers relics, which I didn't) for just one relic in return, even if it was a double.

Chris Harris said...

Everybody BOW DOWN!