Saturday, September 13, 2008

1978 Brewers Schedule

Last week my parents were doing some end-of-summer cleaning, and they saw fit to bestow upon me some interesting memorabilia, the best piece of which I'd like to show you now.

Now, I realize that any Milwaukee-area card show worth its salt will have a table with a guy selling boxes full of this stuff, but I think it's more fun to get one that was actually used by someone who cared about the team's 1978 fortunes. The most interesting part of the front of this schedule is the Pabst branding. At this point, PBR was still being brewed a few miles away from County Stadium, and Pabst commercials dominated radio broadcasts. Feelings of wonderment fill my head when I think that we could be sitting in Pabst Park watching the crew had things gone differently. Heck, we could even have had Blue Velvet's Frank come onto the scoreboard urging the team on to a late-inning rally.

Mmmmyeah, I guess that's not too family friendly.

The highlight of the interior is he inclusion of several twinight doubleheaders. Check out June, where the Brewers hosted the Jays for a Sunday doubler, hopped on a train to Detroit for two, then took a bus across the border for two in a rare one-day series. There are also a staggering amount of two-game series on the schedule. I think it would be cool to return to something like this, but I'm sure there are reasons not to anymore.

On the rear we get a full list of promo days.

Here are some of the highlights:
Considering the year, I'd wager that these were nut-huggers to the extreme. Did fans take the time to put these shorts on during the game, and if so, were they discreet enough to go to the restroom to do so?

Polacks, stay home.

Catholics, remain the the parking lot and trade holy cards.

Easily the best promotion of the year. People still bring these to games, even ones with the original Barrel Man logo.

Oh, and if you're having second thoughts about venturing out on a weeknight...

Good times, though I wasn't born until a week after the World Series ended.

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dayf said...

Man, look at all those off days. I'll bet TV programming played a part in killing off the double header.

The thought of a Polish Catholic Shriner Brewers fan made me sad, but the Blue Velvet clip warmed my heart. Pabst Blue Ribbon!!!