Sunday, September 28, 2008

Brewers Fortune Telling Pack #3

Another Flair pack. Ho-hum.

35 Mike Lieberthal
10 Pat Burrell (Aw, jeez, a double in two 5-card packs?!?!)
73 Ben Grieve (Come onnnnnnnnnnnnn!!! This is ridiculous!)
42 Josh Beckett (Hey, a Marlin who's not on the Marlins anymore. That's worth a measly half-point.)

2 Derek Jeter

Score: +1.5 (I'm pulling cards from the right teams, but these packs are too old to have any lasting effect on today's games.)
Grade: F
Two doubles and no inserts or anything in two packs is inexcusable. Boo!

Let's go Brewers! Play like you want it!

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