Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Lost 9-Pocket Sheet of Total Awesomeness (Side 2)

I'm way to wiped out by the combination of last night's cartoon and today's first day of school to present anything meaningful, so I'll let you look at this sheet of cards I found while moving not too long ago. It was in a box of old junk. I think just about everything here was originally owned by my mom, who passed it along to me.

Technically and practically, this is the B-side of this sheet. Keep in mind that, while Marichal is throwing at the batter's head and Harmon is rock-solid consistent on this card in a way that makes me wish I could time-travel back to the 1970s to watch baseball games, this is the lesser of two sides. Yes, tomorrow's will be awesome.


madding said...

Treb went to my high school. I don't have any stories or anything (I'm too young) but I felt it was worth mentioning for some reason.

Also, who the hell is Randy Wright? He's no Don Majkowski, that's for sure.

dayf said...

This is quite awesome, especially the Washington Nat'l card. The random Pro Set nobody just accentuates the rest of the awesome.