Monday, September 1, 2008

Mmmmmmmm...Cards #6

1986 Topps Quaker Chewy #3 Vince Coleman

1984 Topps Ralston Purina #16 Steve Carlton

Today's two gentlemen were chosen because of the weekend play of their respective teams. The Cardinals did my Brewers a favor by dropping three straight to the Astros and most likely out of playoff contention. After Carlos Villanueva was stupid enough to light a fire under the Cards in the last game of the Milwaukee/St. Louis series, I found it unbelievable that they would go and lay an egg against Houston like that. Vince Coleman certainly would have helped the Cards if he was twenty years younger and still playing baseball.

Steve Carlton is featured today because the Phillies won two straight against the Cubs. The division title is still an unreasonable goal, but it was good to see that Chicago is not invincible after all. The back of this card is awesome for one fact on the back: "Hobbies include strenuous workout program." Yeah, Steve Carlton was a walking party. A get-together at his house was more likely to involve squats and a medicine ball than barbecue tongs and a raw vegetable spread with French onion dip.

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