Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Robin's Back, Now We Just Need the Batman!

Now I might be mistaken, but part of me thinks I overheard something about a managerial change in the Brewers organization. This might all be speculation and conjecture regarding...er...um...Yost, I think his name is. But the news that is one hundred percent fact and just music to the ears is that of "The Kid," two-time MVP, 3,000 Hit Club member, and all-around great guy (not to mention lemonade proprietor) Robin Yount has been named Brewers dugout coach. This Robin Yount Super Collector is happy.

2005 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes 1982 Wins Gold Glove Award Gold AUTO (Game-Worn White) #62 (08/15)

To paraphrase Romans 8:31, "If Yount is for us, who can be against us?"

2004 Topps Finest Moments AUTO #FMA-RY

To paraphrase De La Soul's "Patti Dooke," "Yount's not the one to f--- with. He's just not the one to f---with."

2004 Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts "3,000th Hit" (Game-Worn Stripe) #101 (1/1)

If nothing else comes of this season, it's just reassuring knowing he's down below us in the dugout. He is the security blanket to my inner Linus.

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dayf said...

So I pulled a coach out of my freshly ripped pack of '05 UD Classics? nice...