Sunday, September 7, 2008

Trade Me Your Brewers: Finale

So my summer project overlapped onto the beginning of the school year, but we have arrived alive and well at the conclusion of Trade Me Your Brewers. If you've been following along, you already know who the winner is, but you don't yet know that grand prize. After being sent a mountain of Brewers that surpassed all expectations, I'm not sure if the Grand Prize is up to the challenge. Before it is revealed, let me show you the haul in its totality.

The cards shown helped meet one of my collecting goals (i.e get Brewers), while at the same time allowing me to clear out space in my For Trade boxes.
With any further rambling, here is your Grand Prize Winner:
Chris from Ohio!
Tell him what he's won, Roddy!
It's a 2002 Fleer Fall Classic Rival Factions card featuring Reggie Jackson's (faded) green jersey and Brooks Robinson's bat.

That's not all, folks!
Based on the generosity and the competitive spirit shown by the second and third place contestants, Chris Harris and dayf will be receiving prizes as well.
Second place will earn Chris a different dual-relic card of one first-ballot Hall-of-Famer and one guy who just can't seem to reach the necessary percentage to get a spot in Cooperstown despite easily reaching statistical guidelines.
Dayf's third place showing will get him a fun food premium card featuring a Hall-of-Famer. I'll leave it up to those guys to display their winnings on their respective blogs.

So long for now, I'll be back with another fun trading session in a few months for the second annual celebration of Trade Me Anything!


dayf said...

I got the bronze! You are a gentleman and a scholar and now I'm curious about my fun food premium...

sruchris said...

Awesome! A Reggie and Brooks dual relic. Thanks Thorzul!