Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Brewers in the Playoffs: How is This Affecting Our Youth?

You know how suburban grade schools like to have theme days where pretty much 100% of the students wear the clothing of whatever team happens to be in the playoffs/Super Bowl/finals/big bowl game at the time? school doesn't quite have the same rate of participation.

Apparently Brewers Wild Card fever hasn't quite trickled down into the inner city.
Today's event, inspired by the Student Council, asked all students to "gear up" in their Brewers apparel. Actually, I'm surprised at the success rate in my classroom. I would have had the over/under at 3 kids wearing Brewers stuff. Maybe it's just me, but I don't remember this being one of the alternate road jerseys.Perhaps I was out of town when they wore those.

Oh, and by the way, the game has sucked so far. It started during the school day, which is pointless.

Oh, and how about John Smoltz in the TBS broadcast booth? I wish I could comment on his insightful analysis and precise deconstruction of the series pitching matchups, but I can't. Turns out, Cole Hamels' cock in his mouth is making it too difficult to understand his speech. Seriously John, get off your knees and call the game you were paid to call.


Matt said...

I fully expect Smoltz to wax poetic over Sabathia tomorrow. The Brewers didn't come close to figuring out Hamels. He made them look like small children. Babies, really.

Smoltz just knows great pitching when he sees it and likes to talk about it.

dayf said...

Hey! That's Smoltzie you're talkin' about there! But yeah, I've heard him on some Braves broadcasts and he does have an overdeveloped bullshit gland. If I had a dime for every time he tried to spin one of his trade demands or insinuations that he would be willing to pitch elsewhere the day after it hit the paper, I'd have at least enough to buy a couple of packs of '89 Topps.

madding said...

The kid that's kneeling on the floor... bottom row, second from the right... totally wants the Phillies to win!

Listening to John Smoltz is better than Tony Gwynn, at least.

Thorzul said...

Yeah, at first glance I thought he was flipping me the bird, but microanalysis determined it was only the index finger.

Tony Brown said...

It looks like the coalition-of-pink-wearing-girls organized well in their protest of Brewers Day.

deal said...

Actually the Brewers pitched well too. The Defense just undid them in one inning. neither team hit at all well.