Sunday, October 19, 2008

Cards That Will Make You Shit Your Pants #3 and #4

I feel a little bad for stiffing everybody yesterday on the scary card. I was just a little too busy last night watching Shaun of the Dead. My fiancee and I are going through all of the Dead movies chronologically, starting with Night of the Living Dead, moving on to Dawn of the Dead (the one in the mall), and rounding out the trilogy with Day of the Dead. I'm sure we'll hit Romero's recent addition to the series in Land of the Dead soon. Yeah, I know there's Diary and next year's Island, but October only has so many days. I also pulled White Zombie (purported to be the first actual zombie movie) out of one of those 50-movie packs of cheaply reproduced public domain films, but only made it through the first five minutes or so. Not sure if that one's worth watching. Anyways, on with the cards!

61 Barbarian Swordsman

Another character whose alignment is listed as "neutral." I suppose that's what usually makes for a good story: Few, if any, good guys; only varying degrees of bad guys. The art for this is heavily influenced by Conan. Taking into account the production year of the Battle Cards set (1993), we see that this was a resurgence of the age of the barbarian. Peaking with the Schwarzenegger films of the 1980s, there followed another hiccup in the early-to-mid-'90s. Conan the Adventurer, an above average animated series, ran from 1992 to 1994. Around the same time, Milton Bradley began production of HeroQuest, a Dungeons & Dragons-like game suited towards entry-level players. Tell me the artwork isn't similar. To bring another film franchise into the fold, this barbarian is being stalked by a giant spider, similar to the one from Lord of the Rings. The scariness of this card is minimal, but I suppose the evil existing in this set cannot remain unchecked.

99 Jahnu the Hunter

Jahnu is described as "a solitary figure living a hermit-like existence." There is certainly something very tribal and indigenous about him. The Battle Cat-esque creature beside him is Jawz, a fierce hunting ape. I'll let you read his extensive backstory yourself.
I'm impressed with the level of effort that went into these cards, although it is not universal throughout the set. Many cards do tell part of the story myth, but others just state the rules of the card game. Today's entries were the two least scary of the bunch, but expect more evisceration and fear to follow later this week.


--David said...

The barbarian is such a rip-off/tribute that they didn't even bother to give him an actual name. Kinda lame. The other one looks like Mowgli in his midlife stage.

dayf said...

I like how the top two scratch off circles looks like two creepy eyes.

Joe74mj said...

Thanks allot, I just shit my pants!