Thursday, October 9, 2008

Dr. Steve's Doctored Cards #17

Today's doctored card is outstanding in its simplicity, Hemingway-esque, if you will.
1991 Fleer #280 Kevin Belcher

Good God, for your sake, Kevin, I hope that burp didn't fog
up those gigantic glasses of yours.
Actually, gastrointestinal distress has been a theme of the evening. Tonight, we watched a DVR'd episode of "Fringe" with some very close friends. One of the characters introduced was "The Observer," a bald man with no facial hair to speak of who seems to pop up when unexplainable phenomena take place. This man, while at a diner, orders a roast beef sandwich "as raw as possible," then proceeds to pour the entire contents of a pepper shaker, half a bottle of Tobasco sauce, and exactly eleven jalapeno peppers on it. I'm sure a normal human's heartburn would have been immesurable, yet this guy later admitted to having trouble tasting. Kevin Belcher, I wish you Maalox-free nights now that you are retired. And I hope your local eyewear provider has talked you into something else.

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--David said...

Can you say "Urkel?" Nice, big burp, though.... I'd give it a 9.5...