Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Dr. Steve's Doctored Cards #18

Back in the early '90s, Dr. Steve experimented with on-demand card art. One of his proteges would pull a card at random, and Dr. Steve would have thirty seconds to deface it in a witty fashion.
This practice ended after the first failed event, making a rare appearance below.

1991 Fleer #488 Joe Price

I'll hold back on making any bad sense/cents puns, here, and just write this one off as a total loss. I think I have about four more of these to share, most of which are the best of the series.


steve said...

I concur. Lamest of the lame.

PunkRockPaint said...

I heartily disagree. This effort displays both accuracy of eraser and keen awareness of Mr. Price’s value in 1991. The doctoring of this particular card conjures images of a lobster bib. The detritus of currency symbols mimics splashes of drawn butter. In 1990, Mr. Price could actually afford to eat lobster at every meal. His income with the Orioles, while well below the MLB average, was over ten times the median household income.

Unfortunately, 1990 was the last year in the major leagues for Joe Price. One can hope that with prudent investments; a sound education from two of Oklahoma’s finest universities; and sensible gambling advice from his teammate/manager in his early years with the Reds; Joe may still be able to dine occasionally at the Red Lobster. While money may no longer accumulate on his bib, we can all hope that a little butter still drips on Joe Price.

Oh, and it beats the crap outta the Steve Lake drawing/phone-in.

dinged corners said...

I'll have what punkrockpaint's having.