Monday, October 20, 2008

Dr. Steve's Doctored Cards #19

Suck on this!

1991 Upper Deck #389 Chet Lemon

Editor's Note: I borrowed the single line of tonight's text from what was possibly the funniest moment of the fourth season of "The Office." The first person to identify the context of the quote wins nothing, but is awesome in my book.


dinged corners said...

During Toby's exit interview Michael presents him with a gift that turns out to be a rock with a note that says “Suck on this” rubber-banded to it. To not seem mean in front of Holly, Michael augments this by giving Toby his watch.

dayf said...


Best one yet. especially with caption. I enjoy all of these, but this one was the first to really make me lose it.

Thorzul said...

Awesome in my book: Dinged Corners.

Toby is easily my favorite character on the show. I hope they bring him back.

dinged corners said...

PS We should have mentioned that the unsubtle lemon makes this our favorite doctored card, too.

Tom. said...

Scott Scud is a tough one to top. Especially with a Scud labeled "IRAQ"