Sunday, October 26, 2008

Dr. Steve's Doctored Cards #20

This is the only doctored card from Doctor Steve that I don't understand.

1991 Fleer #377 Joel Skinner

I can remember an SI For Kids article from a long time ago where a kid sent in a 1990 Joel Skinner card where the card was doctored to show Joel clutching a knife and holding the pelt of a dead mammal, thusly making Joel a true "Skinner." This one, however, needs to be explained to me. Let me run a few of my own theories of this card's meaning past you.

A. Something Ninja Turtle-ly. April O'Neil was the TV reporter that befriended the turtle dudes, who were fond of saying "Yo!" and other "radical" terms. However, there exists no link to the player or his name. There was the rat sensei named Splinter, which is phonemically in the same ballpark as Skinner, but that's a massive stretch.

2. An ALF connection? He also said, "Yo!" a lot. But ALF was tailing off in popularity by 1991, and I know of no April. There was Lynn the daughter, and Willie, the guy who played the dad and subsequently became an addict. This is getting me nowhere.

D. A precognitive X-Files connection. The only character named Skinner that I can recall is the agent from that show, which began airing in 1993. Oh, and there's also Seymour Skinner, principal of Springfield Elementary School. Perhaps this is just all a big chase down an endless rabbit hole.

Any help you can give me to decipher this riddle of a card would be greatly appreciated. Perhaps Dr. Steve will chime in and reveal the method to his madness.


steve said...

Yeah, I really don't recall the rationale for this one. The TMNT guess is probably the closest, maybe Skinner bears a resemblence to Elias Koteas or something and that prompted the defacement.

--David said...

Is it a reference to "slip me some skin?" so, you have a 'skinner' though I have no idea why it would be 'April.' Was there a classmate with that name that perhaps warranted a shout-out?

Thorzul said...

Steve, do you perhaps mean Mitch Pileggi instead of Elias Koteas?

steve said...

No, Elias Koteas played vigilante Casey Jones in the first TMNT movie.

Lindy said...

Doesn't Rocky say "Yo, Adrian." That is close to April--not that Joel Skinner has anything to do with Rocky. Am I the first female post on this blog?