Thursday, October 2, 2008

Halloween Contest!

If you've never checked out the website X-Entertainment, go do it, especially at this time of year. is a blog that I have been following for several years. It's full of childhood memories, excellent commercials, and holiday fun. Despite the lack of card collecting content, I urge you to visit on a daily basis. A couple of weekends ago, Matt, the owner and writer for the site, held a pre-Halloween contest. All he wanted his readers to do was create some sort of artwork depicting the star of the Friday the 13th series, Jason, dancing. While I didn't win, I was pretty happy with the results I was able to produce. Apparently the people in charge didn't quite have the cinematic background to fully appreciate my effort and bestow upon me the prize of a decade-plus-old packet of Kool-Aid. In the spirit of competition, I'd like to display my rendition here.

If you aren't a fan of French New Wave cinema, here's what my sketch is referencing.

Since October is underway, I'd like to devise of contest of my own that's open to all of my readers. Here's your assignment: Select any baseball card and Halloween-ify it (i.e. alter an existing card). Go nuts with cobwebs, ghouls, and buckets of blood. Perhaps there's a player you love and want to turn him into Frankenstein's monster. Maybe there's a guy you hate and can't resist turning his head into a gushing stump. Use any means necessary to create the world's scariest card. Photoshop it, cut a picture out of Fangoria and paste in right onto the stock, or pull out a high quality eraser and use the card itself as your canvas. When your creation is finished, get in touch with me and send it my way. I'm giving you a lot of time for this, with a deadline of October 24 (my birthday) for me to receive your masterpiece. The winner of this contest, to be judged by me, will receive a game-used jersey card of a player who has won two World Series rings since 1990. Sure, that leaves it pretty wide open, but I assure you it's not Craig Counsell. Entries can be sent to me via email, but I think I'll lend greater weight to actual in-hand entries that people send to me. The feel of cardboard in my hands will allow me to appreciate the effort on a more personal level.

With that, I release you to run to your art cabinet, watercolors in hand, blending stump at the ready. Go off and create a card fit for Halloween!

I'll leave you with a bunch of Jasons


--David said...

Oh, sweet! I know what I'm doing this weekend!

--David said...

Oh, yeah, and I thought your Jason was a reference to A-Ha... ROTFL!

madding said...

I immediately thought of a-ha as well. I'm thinking I've watched too much tv.

PunkRockPaint said...

Darn. I thought I might get some work done this week.

Expect a package from me before the 24th. Don't worry the blood won't be real... OR WILL IT!!!!

Harry said...

Wow..! Such type of Halloween contests are my favorite.

PunkRockPaint said...

Would you kindly drop me your mailing address... punkrockpaint at gmail dot com.