Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween! Cards That Will Make You Shit Your Pants #8 and #9

Thanks again to everyone who took part in and supported Nightmares on Cardboard. Anyone who is owed a prize or has traded with me at some point in the last week should expect their goods to arrive sometime early next week. Until then, feast upon the last two cards from the Battle Cards pack.

66 The Flesh-Eater

All of the zombie films I've watched over the course of the last month has pretty much jaded me. Counting three arms in the frame and knowing full well that one of them is no longer attached to its owner is something I've been face-to-face with on a daily basis.
The Flesh-Eater card has a special rules footnote, derived from a fact that doesn't show up in any of the movies I've watched. "No zombie will attack anyone who addresses it by its mortal name." I guess that knowledge would have skewed all existing demographic data referencing the likelihood of a violent crime being committed against you by someone you know.

This next one is certain to give at least half of the readers of today's post a bonafide frightmare.
70 Homunculus

The term homunculus is certainly difficult to describe, so I'll let you read about that on your own. The theory behind it is fascinating, but ultimately explains very little, dabbling into areas of brain biology, philosophy, and Druidism.
This guy in particular could be looked at as the driving force behind hunger. Between "throaty gurglings," this beast is the living embodiment of appetite. It devours everything in its path and surges forward, never satisfied. Basically, he's your run-of-the-mill card collector, but just a little more pale.

How this is a creature that has not yet shown up in a mainstream horror release is beyond me. Saying that, I'm sure there's something out there of which I am not aware that features a Homunculus, in a form close to this one, prominently.

If you can't sleep tonight, I'll take the blame. And if you hear your bedroom windows rattling, don't worry; the Homunculus approaches not with a boom, but a gurgle. Happy Halloween!

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--David said...

Man, those are both great cards! I did not know the little tidbit about zombies either.. Good to know for when they come knocking.... Though, that may explain why the trick-or-treating zombies didn't attack - my wife knew them by name (teacher)!!