Friday, October 24, 2008

Robin Yount Cards That Will Make You Shit Your Pants #6

Today's Thorzul's birthday, but you get the presents. Everyone reading tonight gets another scary card and the three-card Robin Yount bonus. Enjoy.

2008 Goudey #214
This card came in the mail the other day, and I'm finally getting around to cataloging it now. The art is interesting, but I'd wish that Robin would keep at least one eye out for the base-ball men trying to steal bases behind him.
In the same auction I also won a Bob Gibson short print. If anyone needs the Gibson and wants to trade me something from my want list, let me know. I've also got a Frank Robinson SP available, too.

2003 Leaf Shirt Off My Back #12 (483/500)
This is one of my favorite cards, and it's not hard to tell why. The subset name is clever, bringing to mind those last few home games of the year, year after year when the Brewers were usually so far out of first place that they were actually a few-and-a-half games down in next year's standings already, when player jerseys could be won by fans in a random drawing. There's also a big-ass old-school ball-and-glove logo dominating the design. Could I cram a few more hyphenated adjectives into the description of this card? Sure, but I would have to pay my typesetter an hour's worth of extra wages. Pipe down, Phinneaus, and put that piece of coal back where you found it!

2003 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Classic #SJ-RY
This is a card I won in another auction a couple of weeks ago, but received only today. The seller sent me a different game-used Yount card in its place by mistake. To their credit, they very nicely checked their inventory, acknowledged their error, and promptly sent the correct card. An up-close look shows that this is your basic game-used pinstripe jersey swatch, but it is colored a disturbingly dark shade of gray. With Yount cards, you basically have three options on the jersey: white home (sometimes with a blue pinstripe), gray road, or least commonly, powder blue from the early-'80s road uniforms. This looks something like an errant pinstripe that found its way onto a standard-issue road shirt. I have no idea how it got this way, but it's a neat addition to the collection.

#75 Wolfman
This card presents a new take on the whole werewolf mythology. Is this a specimen caught mid-transformation? Is it a half-wolf, half-man, trained in the ways of the battle axe? No one knows, since there's no backstory on the card. It is described as a neutral member of the Battle Cards universe, so I guess you've got a 50/50 shot at having him either fight beside you or eff your ess up. It's your basic coin flip.

By the way, today was the date mentioned as the deadline for creating the world's scariest card for my Halloween contest. I'll show some benevolence and extend the deadline to the end of Sunday, giving any procrastinators the weekend to whip up something fun. The week leading up to Halloween proper will be used to showcase all of the great stuff that has helped brighten my October.


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Happy birthday!

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Happy Birthday Thorzul, and thanks for the gift to us procrastinators. I've got an Idea but haven't fired up MSPaint yet.

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You check out my new facebook pictures? Robin Yount and Rollie Fingers make an appearance.

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Happy birthday to you. And remember,
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