Thursday, November 6, 2008

Trade Me Anything! II: Trade #2

Today's trade comes from Bailey from California, who runs The Nennth Inning. I thought that the card Bailey claimed was going to be snapped up right away, but it fell to the mid-rounds. Despite the late acquisition, this trade was the second to arrive.

Giving: 2008 Topps U&H #UH313 Tim Lincecum Gold Foil Parallel

Getting: 2007 Bowman Chrome #BC149 Derek Miller, #BC168 Brendan Katin, #BC194 Cole Gillespie, #BC214 Carlos Corporan, #208 Joaquin Arias, #BC123 Chris Errecart, #BC214 Carlos Corporan Refractor (417/500), #9 Prince Fielder, and #93 Bill Hall

* Shiny Brewers, a whole shoebox of 'em, dangly ones.

* A Prince Fielder card I didn't have yet.

* I'm a bit baffled by the Ranger Arias. But hey, it's something.

* Bill Hall sucks. He spent too much time last year making commercials for Time Warner Cable and too little time working on being a good baseball player.

There's a small pile of cards that hasn't been claimed yet, so if you still want in, there's time left.


Anonymous said...

haha, sorry for the Arias. I think that got mixed into the Brewers batch by mistake because I mistook his uniform for a Brewers one.

--David said...

Heh-heh, that's part of "anything..." My trade is getting mailed Friday. I had a bout of "operator headspace" so the ... anything ... has been sitting in my truck - DUH!

--David said...

HEY! Love the Pixos/Lite-Brite logo there, man!