Monday, November 17, 2008

Trade Me Anything! II: Trade #11

Back to the regulation trades today, with some stuff from Dan in Baltimore.

Giving: 2008 Topps U&H #YR159 Curtis Granderson Year in Review

Getting: 2008 Topps Opening Day #179 Ryan Braun and 2008 Topps #TCP28 Prince Fielder

*While I never purchased any of the '08 Opening Day, the red borders are a nice departure from all of this year's whitebread offerings.

*I already have the Prince card.

*This trade didn't arrive without its snags. On Saturday a slip was left in my mailbox by the postman indicating a $0.20 postage due fee. When picking up the envelope from the post office, the laziest civil servant to ever don P.O. Box Blue took his sweet ass time when I had a million other errands to run. I could have sworn I saw chili on his shirt where there had been none a half hour before. So yeah, that sucked.


White Sox Cards said...

That old National Lampoon joke has really stretched, hasn't it?

Dan said...

Oh no! I just read this post--I'm sorry about the $.20 and the accompanying pain. I'll pull aside any Brewers that I stumble upon in the future and send them your way. Sorry again!