Monday, November 24, 2008

Trade Me Anything! II: Trade #14

Kerry in Portland, OR, sent me one of the most deceptive trades I've gotten thus far.

Giving: 2008 Topps U&H #YR129 Rick Ankiel Year in Review

Getting: Well, first of all a Robin Yount card comes tumbling out. Unfortunately, it's a card I already reviewed way back when I started this site. It was one of my first posts, but I think all of my earlier observations still apply.

After the Yount card, I see a pack of 2004 Upper Deck Series 2, a nice little abandoned cheapie pack. I actually opened the package Saturday night/Sunday morning after getting home from a party, and I decided to save it for the post-cottonmouth morning. Now, I could bow to Kerry's superior skills of deception, but this next fact I'll give the credit to Sailor Jerry: I had no idea I was being tricked until I tried to open the pack. See, the trader decided to create a ruse by opening the pack, taking the cards out, and replacing them with a bunch of others, just before skillfully resealing the package with transparent tape. Ordinarily I'd be pissed, but how can I argue with Brewers?

Most of the replacement cards were oddballs of some variety. I especially liked the couple of O-Pee-Chee cards (1991 Greg Brock and 1988 Glenn Braggs) that were included. There were a few other non-Younts, but let's just get to the good stuff, the Younts.

1989 Topps League Leaders Mini #87, 1988 Topps League Leaders Mini #21, and 1990 Sports Illustrated for Kids #127

*It's probably better it wasn't an actual pack. The Brewers were still in the tail end of their Dark Ages, and the best I could have done was maybe a Ben Sheets. Meh.

*I already have all of the Robin Yount cards from this trade. Rats!


dayf said...

You got Brewer Bipped!

madding said...

I actually briefly toyed with the idea of trying to reseal the pack, but I'm not sure how people actually do that. It probably involved trying to use something very hot. I guess I'm just not unscrupulous enough.

Chris Harris said...

Sailor Jerry kicks ass. Better than the Captain.