Sunday, November 9, 2008

Trade Me Anything! II: Trade #6

This trade comes from Jim, senior litigation partner at Garvey, Cey, Russell, Lopes & Lopes. If I said the accompanying trade instructions came written on yellow legal size paper, would you believe me?

2008 Topps U&H #UH88 Classic Combos Dan Haren & Russ Martin, #UH113 Justin Morneau All-Star, and #UH248 Doug Mientkiewicz

2008 Topps U&H #UH152 Steve Trachsel, #UH74 Corey Patterson, #UH110 Jose Valverde, and #UH130 Mike Cameron Gold Parallel

*I'm a few steps closer to completing the set.

*Getting a Brewer parallel is nice.

*The story on the back of Valverde's card tells how he was "slammed in the head by a line drive" but stayed in the game and recorded the save. And he has a bright red glove.

*The Combos card reminds me of the snack food of the same name, which has become harder and harder, though not impossible, to find in stores. 'Tato Skins fall into this same category. And holla if you remember Hooplas or Suncheros. In fact, I'm opening up the blog comments to reminisces of discontinued snack treats of all kinds.

O'Boisies are O'Boisterous!


starkill1138 said...

I love the comic book backgrounds! Though I never had any of that title, Martian Manhunter was always one of my favorite DC heroes!

Chris Harris said...

Bugles. A week's worth of sodium in every bite.

dayf said...

We've got Combos displayed by the register of every single Wal-Mart in the state. I can't think of a discontinued snack food, but I know I'd give almost anything to have just one Uno's Pizzeria here in Atlanta.

Thorzul said...

Yeah, Uno's is good. I worked for one of their booths at Summerfest a few years ago. It tastes so good because there's 3/4 cup of cheese in every slice.

Duncan1800 said...

Long John Silver's, which is apparently going strong everywhere else in the country, has not had a store in Colorado Springs since the late 1980s or so. Which sucks.

On the positive side, we are reportedly about to see the return of Jack in the Box. So that's good.

And yeah, I miss Tato Skins.

Tom. said...

Munchos rocked.

steve said...

Jell-0 Pudding Pops!