Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trade Me Anything! II

My box of 2008 Topps Updates & Highlights arrived early this week, and I've been opening a quarter of the box each night to reward myself for getting through the day. There was some nice stuff inside. The guaranteed hit was a Kevin Youkilis jersey, not bad, and I was left about 30 or so cards short of the full set. One positive development I noticed was the thinning out of the parallels-per-pack. Last year's product left me with a huge stack of red letter parallels, which replaced the base cards that I actually wanted and made it that much harder to complete the set. This year, however, gold foil lettered parallels were limited to one every other pack. I'm holding on to the Brewers from that group, but all the rest will be available for trade...

Which brings us to the subject of this post. It's November again, and that means the Halloween contest is behind us and the Card-vent Calendar is still sitting there on a Batavia, IL, warehouse shelf with its substandard-grade chocolate pushing the limits of half-life decay theory, still a month away from its debut. How can I help the world get through this month when temperatures begin to plummet, and leaves fall according to a schedule that does not jibe with that of the City of Milwaukee Department of Public Works cleanup crews who so nicely haul away leaves that are swept onto the curb? (Yes, that's what we do here, and it beats the hell out of bagging them.) Why, hold the Second Annual Trade Me Anything!, of course.

Last year was a fun start to what will become a yearly tradition on this site. Basically I'm offering everything up for grabs that I don't want to keep from my U&H box. A year ago it was just the aforementioned parallels, but this year I'm putting a little more into the hopper. I'll post the official participation regulations below, but here's the short and sweet version. You pick out something from the list that you want, and then you send me anything at all in return. Few traders went whole-hog with the "Anything" part of the deal, but that's fine.

Here's what you do:
1. Check out the list of available cards below. Select one you want.
2. Send me an email with your choice of card at
3. I will reply to you as to the card's availability. First come, first serve. I will include my mailing address.
4. When I confirm the card of your choice, pick out one of your own cards or anything else you want to send me. A few guidelines about what you can't send: Nothing that should really be in the garbage, nothing perishable, and nothing illegal. (Notice I didn't say nothing immoral.)
5. Send me whatever is was you picked out. Don't tell me what it is before you send it, I'd like to have it be a surprise! Include a SASE or you won't be getting your card.
6. When I receive your item, I will take a picture of the trade materials and post the happy couple on my blog, and then I will send you the card.

Here's what's up for grabs:
Gold Foil Parallels
80 Erik Bedard - Mariners
92 Eric Hinske - Rays
164 Jason La Rue - Cardinals
268 Alfonso Soriano AS - Chokecago Scrubs
286 Aaron Cook AS - Rockies
302 Brandon Moss - Pirates

Mickey Mantle Story

Year in Review
172 Melky Cabrera - Yankees

Heck, there's even a few commons available.
43 60 79 84 139 160 237 244 250 260 298 300 307

So...I'll do my best to keep the list current, but have a safety in mind in case the card you desire is no longer available. I've been updating my Wants and Needs list, including the 1985 Topps set I'm close to finishing. Whatever you want to send is fine, I'm taking anything. I eagerly await your emails.

(Oh yeah, I almost forgot...I also pulled something special from this box, but you'll have to wait until my year-end review to view it. Against long odds, it will probably be my pull of the year.)


Mad Guru said...

What is it with Devereaux's and big noses?

Anonymous said...

And the Brewers DIDN'T choke, eh? Interesting.