Monday, December 15, 2008

2008 Card-vent Calendar: December 15

December 15, 2008:
1988 Fleer Glossy #171 Dan Plesac

This one of the most ludicrous and most hilarious cards I've seen in a long time. Why in the world is closer Dan Plesac posing for this card as a batter? And a batter in eye black nonetheless? I'm envisioning a bunch of "Caniplease"'s repeated over and over until the Fleer photographer acquiesced. Hopefully this was after explaining to him that as an American League relief pitcher, at a time pre-dating interleague play, will never, ever, ever, EVER, get a chance to bat. Ever.

Baseball Reference shows that Dan did get 15 ABs during his career after switching to the NL, earning one hit. Those batting gloves belong in the Hall of Fame. Alongside Dale Murphy and Jim Rice.


Kevin said...

That hit? A single off of former Mariners prospect John Cummings, he of the 5.33 career ERA. Bra-vo, Johnny.

night owl said...

Upper Deck was all about the "aren't we wacky" photos in the early '90s. I think they wanted to portray themselves as the trendy, foreward-thinking company ,and Topps as staid, conservative and boring. That's somewhat true, but by doing that sometimes you end up with pet rocks or Zubaz pants, or an AL reliever in a batting pose.