Monday, December 8, 2008

2008 Card-vent Calendar: December 8

December 8, 2008:
1996 Score Dugout Collection #12 Steve Finley

In my chosen profession, one of the caveats (or blessings, depending on how you choose to look at it) is that I get a school picture taken each year. If you were in the top 25% or so of active baseball players in the mid-1990s, you got to experience the joys of seated portrait photography as well. Donruss had the Studio brand, and Score chimed in with the famous Dream Team subset, among others.

I wasn't in the hobby in 1996, but I was delighted to open today's door and see Steve Finley took it upon himself to help the photographer out with the proof card, although his giddiness off-putting. I'll chalk it up to holiday spirit, more of which this world needs. I just can't picture guys like Jeff Kent or Gary Sheffield reacting the same way to a card photo shoot. Actually, what I can picture is a room full of those umbrella-covered lights knocked over and a long bout of pouting.


AlbuqwirkE said...

FANTASTIC! Steve Finley is my hero.

capewood said...

This is one of my favorite cards from the 1990s.