Monday, December 1, 2008

2008 Card-vent Calendar Preview

This glorious day is finally upon us, when we are finally able to count down the days together during a magical time of year called Card-vent. I stopped at the local hobby shop and was lucky enough to snatch up the last remaining Card-vent Calendar. What mystical treasures await us behind each tantalizing door? We have twenty-four days to answer that question.

I wanted to let everyone see an untarnished calendar, a tabula rasa, if it were, just like a clean field of snow seconds before getting disturbed by a bevy of snow angels or a backhoe trying to catch up on a contract that should have been finished in late autumn.

The real thing arrives later today, with the opening of the first door. I can't wait to see which card will help bless this holiday season! While you're patiently waiting, go ahead and reminisce with me over last year's Card-vent Calendar. Don't forget to bring the eggnog, and make sure to throw another log on the fire.

1 comment:

dayf said...

Wow, you went for the extra-cute version this year complete with fluffy Santa eyelashes and hedgehog with rosy cheeks.