Monday, December 29, 2008

Card Show Report

The weekend before I left on my vacation, I stopped at the Gonzaga Hall card show. The key to this particular trip was entering with an agenda. I brought my want lists along with me, and allowed myself no more than twenty dollars of additional purchases. Here's what I picked up.

The last three 2007 Topps Prince Fielder Generation Now cards I needed to complete the set, #2, 9, and 21. Coincidentally, all home runs depicted here were on the road against division rivals.
Price: $6.00

A small amount of commons with funny pictures, good fodder for future posts.
Price: $1.00

2008 Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts #LM-BS Bruce Sutter Legendary Memorabilia, numbered 04/10. The jersey swatch is a really nice powder blue that doesn't show up on a lot of cards anymore, relatively speaking. The beard is looking fantastic.
Price: $4.00

1975 Topps Mini #223 Robin Yount (RC)
I have rarely seen this for less than $20-30, so I've been holding out for an awfully long time. It's got a long, yet shallow crease, but that just means it has been cherished. I'll try my best to continue the love.
Price: $10.00

Here's a shot of it next to my regular-issue Topps Yount rookie, for perspective. As you can see, my cards need to be in the most meticulous condition possible.

That's about all, folks. $21 dollars spent, plus $1.00 admission. The one additional item I grabbed was a free pack people were encouraged to grab from a card table at the door. While there were rack packs of 1990 Donruss and half a box of 1991 Score Football Series I (the one without the Favre rookie), I snagged the best available: 1991 WCW Wrestling. A Pack a Day will soon be graced with its presence.

Oh, and while I was away, it looks like the Yankees completed their task of hand-picking one player from each of the other 29 teams. That's good for baseball.


night owl said...

The Yount mini card is a great find. You did good.

dayf said...

Wow, any '75 Yount for $10 is fantastic. Good job.

deal said...

The Yount is a steal. the Sutter Relic at $4 is a good deal too.