Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Five Dollar Group Break: Update I

Well, I've been having fun opening up the packs so far. I'm about halfway done now, and still sorting everything into team piles. As a little sneak preview, I've pulled a few cards (not-so-randomly) to help demonstrate the process. For everyone who has already paid, you're getting a look at one of the cards you'll be receiving. Here are the first five.

Captain Canuck's Braves:
2006 Topps Opening Day #25 Chipper Jones

steveisjewish's Mets:
1991 Topps Debut '90 #26 Chuck Carr
So far I've been pulling a shitload of Mets, probably twice that of the second most common team. I've set this one aside to showcase a fun blog called "Chuckie Hacks." It covers basically all Wisconsin sports teams and is a reference to Carr's short stint as a Brewer, most specifically his third-person self-referential statement as to why he failed to heed dugout instructions to take pitches after popping out to third on a 2-0 count.

Zpop's Nats/Expos:
1991 Upper Deck #143 Tim Raines
Zpop does indeed get all of the Expos and the Nationals cards. He doesn't, however, get Tim's "Rock" necklace.

gritz76's Cubs:
1989 Score Traded #84T Joe Girardi
Looking at this card has been plenty disorienting since I've pulled it. The colors are just so unfamiliar to me, despite a design that's etched into my brain. There's no reason to try LSD when there's 1989 Score Traded on hand.

madding's Cardinals:
2004 Fleer Platinum #6 Reggie Sanders
Some cards, such as this one, have presented a dilemma as to who gets it. I've set up some guidelines for singular players depicted for multiple teams on the same card, as well as multiple players for different teams on the same card. For the former, I'm going with whatever team the player is listed as playing for currently. Therefore, Reggie goes into the Cardinals pile, not the Pirates pile. The latter scenario will be dealt with in a subsequent post.

I've also opened the little 35-card blister pack, whose tag was clipped, making it unsafe for human consumption. The pack actually contained 39 cards...

...25 of which were Brewers!!! It was a freak pack, to be sure, but most of the Brew Crew cards were from the early 1990s, including two 1990 Topps Traded cards of Ron Robinson, possibly the ugliest Brewer of all time.

More teams to be spotlighted later! Also, if you haven't put in a request yet, some good teams are still left. There have been memorabilia cards, some serially numbered cards, and at least one autographed card pulled, but to be fair, I can't reveal which from teams yet!

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